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CăUTăM PARTENERI » Sportacademy - idee educaţională în Finlanda

Dear colleagues,

Our local educational board of secondary grade education level is going to realize "sportacademy" educational idea in some small municipalities and towns here in our area. They are now applying for a  prefeasibility project with international approach to visit a couple of  the best practise-places in Europe. I promised to ask if some of you had experiences or knowledge on the realization  on a lifelong sport education. The idea is to involve in education much more sport as nowadays  and identify physically talented youngsters already earlier for different training  as well increase the willingness to partecipate in physical acivities in genral. In Finland there are  "too much" children and youngsters who actually during the freetime just play pcgames and play with smartphones and he q. The responsability of physical exercise is felling much more for the educational system as the parents (and the future parents) are also inclined to decrease the physical activity because of the technological solutions and as educational staff here says; "somebody must do something" as it treats critical matters  also on national health and future healthcare expenses.  We are possibly searching also partners in some kind of project on this in international level. In Finland this is a pilot project in its kind and in the already planned "way" to realize it. I would be very grateful on receiving information on possible efforts of same kind or already realized projects etc. Please diffuse also the request!

More information and contacts.

Krista Antila

Adaugat: Marti, 10 Noiembrie 2015, 09:43:11
Autori: MC

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